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25/5/13 Mistakes most bands make

Are you using Facebook alone for your band? Read on…The thing a lot of bands don’t even consider is:

If your only connections and communications with your fans, contacts and potential music industry connections are reached only through Facebook, what happens if the site suddenly shuts down, changes it’s terms or makes you pay entirely for your pages! (you do not own the pages, this is important to remember) Another point to consider is how do you know your fans are still seeing your page or are they even still on Facebook and actively using it!

Don’t be complacent to the fact that everyone uses Facebook to just check events and band news…they don’t. They use it to reach their friends. Facebook should not be your only band communication source, it’s not yours, it never was.

Having your own website is a must and should be the first port of communication to reach out to fans and contacts. Creating email lists are a great way to reach your contacts weekly or monthly. You can incorporate into your own website for fans to sign up to. You can update fans directly to their email boxes with your news of tours, events, merchandise, funny quotes, band news, it’s endless and you’ll know you’re reaching into each and everyone’s email boxes.


Facebook & Twitter should run alongside your website not vice versa or on it’s own. If you want to be taken seriously a website shows you are a professional, keyed up band that means business as opposed to a facebook page that takes literally 2 minutes to set up!

Whether and how your band uses social media really depends on what kind of career you are interested in having. Contrary to popular thinking, constant self-promotion doesn’t have to be a fundamental part of music making in 2013.

This is a massive subject area and Social Media is a massive part of the way successful bands, businesses and products promote themselves,

They all still have websites that are useful and rank highly on Google. Come on bands…….smarten yourselves up 🙂




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