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Yet again for the third year in a row Northampton Bands will be arranging the line-up and arranging the stage for The Summer Retreat Festival which is held in Northampton’s secure 40 acre enclosed woodland venue located at the scout ground. The festival also incorporates a Hand Pan & Healing Festival weekend.

summerretreat2015Northampton Bands are looking for Musicians & Bands to perform at this years festival in August on the 29th & 30th. We’re specifically looking for Acoustic, Reggae, Folk, Celtic, Blues, Soul & Ethnic Musicians. (Fear not, If you’re in a metal band keep checking back with us, we’ll be running the Metal Stage again this year for The Northampton Music Festival)
All performers are entitled to free camping or Glamping, Hot meal and refreshments.
Spaces are limited so if you’re available to play email us & include your links to:
info@northamptonbands.com or use contact us link above.

Child / Family friendly environment and venue
Set in very beautiful 10 acre flat fields and a 40 acre woodland Lots of Open Mic slots for Adults and Children
Lots of Jamming and meeting new friends
Learn to play / share skills on hand pan plus many other great workshops, Tent Camping & Glamping.
toilets and hot shower facilities
Onsite Cafe serving Hot / Cold food and drinks
Indoor / out door stages
Workshops and other activities
Healing Field, Drum Circle, Traders
and lots more…………..

Here’s what’s happening in March & April at The Romany!



The Romany pub in Trinity Avenue, Northampton is a family run business with regular live music. Thursdays karaoke whilst Mondays a quiz night. A large car park with car wash 7 days a week, fantastic pub grub menu with 2-4-£8 mon-fri 5-9pm….many community sported teams inc darts, pool, skittles and football….function room is free and available for private bookings with a £50 deposit, holds 200 ppl with a large garden that can hold a  a bouncy castle….

To keep up to date with their events join them on their Facebook page!!

Last month The Publican’s Morning Advertiser launched a campaign called ‘Make Some Noise’.

The campaign says it was set up to protect established bars, clubs and venues that are threatened with closure through noise complaints.

Make-Some-Noise-in-support-of-pubs-by-lobbying-your-MP_dnm_largeThe PMA goes on to say that Through ‘Make Some Noise’ they aim to unite the industry in lobbying the government to implement an ‘Agent of change’ principle. This outlines that a person or a business that causes a change in environment is responsible for managing its impact. It means if residents move near to a pub they would have to adapt their building to cope with the noise. But if a new pub opens in a residential area the pub would be responsible for the cost to minimise disturbance. They want to show the government the strength of feeling within the industry for adopting this simple and effective solution to a problem blighting publicans across the country.

The Principle would help 100’s of licensees across the country being slapped with extra conditions on their licences or forced to foot the bill for soundproofing installation and other measures following noise complaints from new residents. Bristol City Council adopted the principle in August which forced developers to install soundproofing for new residential flats opposite the music venue called The Fleece.

We’ve recently seen quite a few pub and venue closures in Northants over the last few years due to noise issues and the figures are rising, most recently The Cherry Tree in Kettering was hit with abatement notices again and is now closed to all live music events indefinitely. This obviously has a knock on effect – Bands!!!

The PMA have drafted a template letter for you to download, sign and send to your local MP urging them to push for adoption of an agent of change principle. Letter can be found here ‘Make Some Noise Letter’



A fantastic FREE event for our community!

Northampton Bands is proud to sponsor and manage this year’s Metal Stage at The Penny Whistle! \m/


The Northampton Music Festival is a free annual event designed to celebrate Northampton’s rich music culture.  Now in its 8th year, the central ethos is to raise the profile of Northampton through music, to provide a showcase for the broad range of musicians and artists that are based in the town, and to provide a community-focused gathering which invites all to join in a festive celebration of our music scene. 

The festival is organised by Northampton Music 365 – a not for profit community group, in partnership with Northampton Borough Council.

In addition to the annual festival – Northampton Music 365 are developing a range of yearlong initiatives to raise the profile of the Town and the Town Centre through musical activity and promotion.

Our aim is to work in partnership with the local music community, to support initiatives and to provide a hub where others can promote and showcase music.  We hope to provide a central umbrella where all the musical initiatives of the town can work together, cross promote and develop wider opportunities for the town.

If you are a musician, promoter, venue, community group or just a music fan and want to get involved please drop us a line via the Get Involved page.

Putting shoe town on the music map.


For the full line, stages and information visit The Northampton Music Festival Website

Or their Facebook Page



The Quireboys

90′s Hard Rock band The Quireboys played an intimate acoustic set to a packed out Athletic Club in Rushden on the 7th February.  I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with frontman Spike before the set, and catch up on everything to do with the band, 2014 and boats. (Yes, boats.)

What brings you to Rushden? 

Spike: We decided, we’d just finished in Europe; Spain, all over Scandinavia and everywhere like that, and we just thought, after the tour in November (we’d just been in the studio recording the new album) we decided to do an Acoustic tour.  We were gonna play some of the new songs, and everything like that. Unfortunately, Chris, who was producing the album,  went off to Greece for the weekend and got Legionnaires disease, so he’s been in a coma.  He’s just come out of this today, well two days ago.  We’ve done a lot of acoustic shows in Europe, and we’ve never really done it in England, so we thought, let’s do something a little different you know.

So are you going to be playing any of the new stuff tonight?

Spike: We’ll be playing stuff of the last album (which came out last year) and some of the other stuff, but we’re not going to be playing any new songs tonight, we probably will in London though.  We just haven’t had time to really sit down and go through them properly. We recorded 19 songs, but I haven’t sung em yet so, it still needs to be done.

When’s that album going to be coming out?

Spike: Well later on in the year, we’re doing a 30th anniversary boxset, of which is a Live DVD of the show we did in London, and there’s also the year when we played with Rush at Sweden Rock, in front of 45,000 people playing acoustic with everybody singing along, and then the new album completes the set.

So how come you’ve decided to do an acoustic tour? You seem to play quite a lot of acoustic shows compared to some bands…

Spike: Well, this is our first proper acoustic tour in England.  We’ve done it in Europe before, but never really here. We released an album called Halfpenny Dancer, which was mainly acoustic songs, and we did about three gigs like that, but we still had a full band and everything.

Do you prefer doing acoustic gigs?

Spike: It’s a completely different thing you know. I mean, I love doing the full Rock thing and everything, but this is more like, talking and telling stories.  We still fit, what, 20 songs in the set though, so we’ll be on for a good hour and a half.

I’m hoping a lot of people are gonna turn up! I don’t think that many people have heard about tonight’s set…

Spike: Well the crowds have been pretty good on the tour so far so.  The thing is there’s been a venue change tonight as well so, it was meant to be at The Attic.  I don’t really know why it was changed, so hopefully everyone knows about it!

Something I’m interested to know, you played the Monster’s of Rock Cruise last year. What’s it like performing on a boat?!

Spike: We’ve done quite a few of them now, over in Scandinavia there’s quite a lot of them! Everyone goes pretty mental on the boat, it’s great!  We’re doing one this year, but you get to go to the Bahamas and some other islands, it’s like 5 days it’s brilliant.  It’s crazy, free holiday and you get paid for an hour and a half’s work!  All the equipment’s already there, so really you just turn up, sound check and that’s about it.

Are you going to be doing the festival circuit this year?

Spike: We’ve got a few booked already. We’re not doing Donington [Download Festival] or anything like that.  It’s just too big now!  We’ll be doing a few of the ones in Europe, and things like that.

You’ve been around for a long time now, have you ever thought about calling it a day?

Spike: Well we had the break in the 90′s, and I was living in LA, but there’s only so much of the beach you can take you know?  So we decided to get back together in like, 1999, and we did that album, and then literally since that we haven’t stopped again.  [Do you see yourself stopping anytime soon?] Not really no, we’ve got the new album coming soon, I’ve got a solo album coming out.  I’ve done it with Simon Kirk, Andy Frasier, got Ronnie Wood playing guitar, there’s even a duet with Bonnie Tyler so yeah.  It’s all songs by Frankie Miller, he was a hero of mine, but these are songs that nobodies ever heard before. So that’s coming out in May.  Got lot’s of stuff coming for the foreseeable future!

I do a lot of writing on local bands, there’s quite a lot of good music around Northamptonshire, so if you had to give advice to one of these smaller unsigned bands just starting out, what’d it be?

Spike: Get an agent, and just do as many shows as you can.  Basically, how we started was, we had a transit van,and we played everywhere we could.  I mean, every city up and down, we just lived in the van.  I know it’s harder now.  In the older days you used to just be able to pile in the back of a van and do it like that.  [Me: It’s harder around here, cause there’s not really many big places] Yeah, I mean look at us tonight, we’re playing in the back of a Working Men’s club!

You’ve supported bands like Guns ‘n’ Roses, and played to crowd’s of like 50000+ people, and now you’ve ended up here…

Spike: How the mighty have fallen… just messing of course, but you know, The Quireboys have got some great fans.  Every night’s been packed so far, it’s been really good.  Last night in Chester, the London show is sold out, so it’s all going good! Hopefully we’ll get a good turnout tonight!

That’s pretty much it! Thanks a lot for the interview, it’s been a pleasure!

Spike: Okay pal that’s brilliant, thank you very much! Cheers for that.

Thanks a lot to Spike and Duff Press for the opportunity to do this interview, it was an absolutely brilliant experience and I look forward to seeing what the 2014 holds for the band.

Guy (Northampton Bands) Source Music In Sound

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