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tidalAlicia Keys gave a vague, stirring speech about the power of music, with quotes from both Jimi Hendrix and Friedrich Nietzsche. Usher, Daft Punk, Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Chris Martin, and Jack White (All Grammy Award Winners) were all in attendance at the astonishing press conference. They stood there in all their multi-million dollar finery and seemed oblivious to their multi-corporate credentials, the world’s richest pop stars asked us to cancel our Spotify subscription and pay more for their own streaming service called Tidal.


They justify this by saying you’ll get a ‘Higher Service’ which is ‘Artist Owned’. Jay-Z the American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur bought the company for 50 million Dollars.

There doesn’t seem to be any ad free options but Tidal expects consumers to willingly pay more than they do now. A month of Tidal costs $9.99 in the U.S. for desktop-only access, the same price as an ad-free Spotify account that includes mobile access and high-def audio. So are these super rich pop stars really that out of touch?? Streaming services are having trouble as it is getting people to part with their hard earned cash and actually turning it into a profit! Whilst artists usually have a hard time making real money from their music surely inventing a similar streaming service to spotify (or more expensive one) only begs the question – Why don’t these manufactured pop stars build a better fairer system!

There are rumours going around that Tidal may be renamed ‘Greed’ but this hasn’t been confirmed yet!

Just for your amusement here are some artists who have never won a Grammy award!:

Bob Marley

Jimi Hendrix

Led Zeppelin


Diana Ross

Janis Joplin


Guns N Roses



The Who

Queens Of The Stone Age




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